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Common Questions About Selling to a Cash Buyer

Selling to a cash buyer can provide you with a better home selling experience. If you’re unfamiliar with cash sales, you likely have several questions. Understanding the basics can help you feel more comfortable with the sale. 

How Long Does it Take?

Cash sales are very different from traditional home sales. One major difference is how fast they are. Cash buyers have all the money for a home upfront and don’t need to be backed by a mortgage loan. Without this loan, you can begin the sale process much faster since you don’t need to wait for mortgage approval. Most cash sales are completed in 30 days or less. In some cases, you can complete the entire process in as little as two weeks. 

Do I Need to Make Repairs?

In a traditional sale, you would probably make major repairs to your home or even have some renovations done. This helps you attract buyers and it can even raise the value of your home. However, repairs and renovations are not required for cash sales. Many cash buyers will purchase homes as is. They will then fix up the homes and sell them. Without the need for repairs, you can begin the sale process sooner and you don’t need to spend more money right before selling. Home buying companies in particular will buy homes in any condition. 

How Do I Know I Can Trust a Home Buying Company?

Many cash sales involve home buying companies. These companies expedite the home buying and selling process and they provide sellers with a better experience. Unfortunately, there are some scams that mimic home buying companies and take advantage of sellers. You need to know how to spot a legitimate company. A real company will never contact you first and push you to sell. Similarly, they will not pressure you to make a decision or send you money. It’s all on your timeline. Lastly, they should have a strong online presence or at least a quality website. 

Knowing more about cash sales can help you understand the benefits of these types of sales and help you make your decision about how you want to sell your home. If you sell to a home buying company, you can expect a faster, cheaper, and easier process. It’s worth exploring the home buying companies in your local area. 

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